Where have I been?

Hey Bawse Lady! I know. I know. I went straight ghost right? I sincerely apologize. There have so many changes both personal and business. 

First, let's talk about personal change! Sorry not sorry but I don't have any juicy gossip that can make some say "oh and ah." The biggest change is that my hubby and I packed up our home and four sons and relocated! Moving from Minnesota to Arizona is considered "across the country" in my book. If you've ever relocated (bonus if you did it all in 30 days like we did) your family across the country, while homeschooling, run businesses, keeping your sanity (it was a roadtrip) and creative juices flowing, my hat is off to you. 

Even though I worked hard on automation, I still needed to step back. I didn't step back because I couldn't handle it or was overwhelmed. Truth is, I had to evaluate and realize changes needed to be made. My vision for empowering and encouraging female entrepreneurs didnt change, my execution did. Rebranding if you will. 

I have been an entrepreneur for ten years and there is still so much to learn.  Entrepreneurship is about growth and being willing to learn. If you're not willing to step back, look at yourself/your business and make changes then you are not ready to be an entrepreneur.

I have tons to share and I want to be sure to present them to you in a way that it is received and understood. So, with that being said you will starting seeing different things going on with Jundallai including the color scheme and logo. Don't be alarmed, Jundallai wasn't hacked. 

I'm back and I look forward to seeing you on social media. 

Angela Patton


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